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Codemotion Amsterdam: May 16th to 17th

Kromhouthal | Amsterdam Noord

Announcing Codemotion Amsterdam: the largest Tech Conference for developers and tech lovers, already present in 8 Countries in EMEA, is back to Amsterdam for the second year.

Expected more than 60 talks delivered by best speakers coming from all around the world



Codemotion is the international conference for software developers which gathered more than 8000 attendees across Europe in 2016. Codemotion is expected to bring to Amsterdam more than 60 talks in two days, 5 parallel tracks which address the hottest issues for software developers: Frontend/Backend, Mobile, DevOps, Bigdata/cloud, Functional, Architectures.

6 super speakers have already said YES to Codemotion Amsterdam: Mike Lee  ̶  Mayor and Founder at Appsterdam; Chrissy Welsch  ̶  Creative Director for Philips; Nathan Marz  ̶  Lead Engineer & Founder at Stealth Startup; Russ Olsen  ̶  Vice President at Cognitect; Sara Vieira  ̶  Front-end Developer at Mindera; Tina Umlandt  ̶  Software developer at Jimdo.



Codemotion is also Startup!
Best promising tech startups from most disruptive Startup Accelerators around has been invited and will take part to Startup Showcase, an amazing opportunity to enroll top talented developers and showcase their product to developers, engineers, and international companies which attend to the event.


Sponsor & Recruiting

Codemotion gives a great value to the work, candidates itself as a meeting point between those who seek and those who offer work in the field of tech. By partnering with best tech companies, Codemotion offers to all participants a special channel to learn about the newest technological solutions and best practises, and have access to reserved open positions.


Community & Networking

Tech Communities, developers, architect, designer, maker and startuppers: Codemotion is a unique opportunity for networking and lively exchange of ideas and passion. The Codemotion People: this is the very heart of Codemotion, an event for the communities by the communities, that focuses on the coders and their needs.



About Codemotion

Codemotion is one of the biggest tech conferences for software developers in Europe with an international network of 40.000 developers and 1500 speakers.

It offers a unique opportunity to all visitors to gather new inspirations, energy and knowledge in combination with the chance to network and chat with fellow visitors passionate about coding. Codemotion is open to all languages and technologies. We want to bring together top skilled developers who’d like to think out of the box and understand the intersections in technology and programming. The conference is designed to encourage visitors to dive into new subject areas and communities they haven’t been in touch with on a regular basis.

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