First speakers out!

Codemotion Amsterdam has been launched less than 2 weeks ago and we are thrilled to announce our first round of speakers!

6 super speakers have already said YES to Codemotion Amsterdam:

Mike Lee: an American engineer living in Amsterdam.Mike was at the birth of mobile, and has worked on many interesting projects, even at Steve Jobs’ Apple.

Chrissy Welsch: Creative Director for Philips, based in Amsterdam, interested in the potential of ‘bleeding edge’ technologies in UX design to make products easy and pleasurable to use.

Nathan Marz: Lead Engineer & Founder at Stealth Startup; programmer, author, pilot, charitable skeptic. Created Apache Storm and currently working on a new startup

Russ Olsen: Vice President at Cognitect, Writer, Author of Eloquent Ruby and Design Patterns in Ruby. Teacher and Speaker.

Sara Vieira: Front-end Developer at Mindera, from Portugal eager to make better and better websites using the latest technologies, with a passion for CSS and Angular.

Tina Umlandt: Software developer at Jimdo, interested in javascript, php, java and localization.

Thrilling, right?

With SEVEN months to conference day, we get off to a good start!

Last edition we had about 60 speakers coming from all around the world, so stay tuned, the best has yet to come! :)

Meanwhile, in 3 days Blind ticket will be over and ticket price will rise up to €230! Be quick and get your ticket now!

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