Codemotion Tech Pills

We are excited to present our first techpills event.

While we are already working to bring you a better, bigger, shinier Codemotion in 2017, it’s time to warm up and put innovative technologies on stage.

For our first Tech pills night of this Codemotion season, we’ll focus on one of the hottest innovation area in these days: big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence:

Bart Jansen in “Instacognitive: Analyze Instagram photo uploads in near-real-time”

Instacognitive combines the power of Instagram and Microsoft’s Cognitive Services. This talk provides a walkthrough of a powerful, yet simple, Instagram-based photo analyzer using several components of Microsoft Azure.

Firstly, Azure Logic Apps monitors new Instagram posts and once a new post is detected a NodeJS-based Azure Function is triggered. This Azure Function then subsequently analyzes the provided picture using Microsoft’s Cognitive Services and posts a new Instagram comment describing the contents of the uploaded photo.

About Bart:
Recently graduated MSc Electrical Engineer with +10 years experience in Software Engineering focusing on everything JavaScript. Fascinated about everything tech from implementing gestures on smart watches to building WebRTC-based video camera’s with Raspberry PIs.

Friso van Vollenhoven in “Joy of Data and Overcoming the Kaggle Curse”

What if code could discover things, instead of only build things? Enter data. The Joy of Coding is most appreciated by those who understand that coding skills provide you the liberty of solving problems yourself. If there’s not already “an app for that”, you can create it, because you can code. If a discovery is not cut out for us, but there’s data about the problem, you can solve it. Again, because you can code. Not every coder realises this. The “app” of data is called discovery.

About Friso:
Friso is former CTO of (and former CTO of GoDataDriven). He is active in the area that overlaps both systems and software engineering and applied, large scale, data processing. He is also organiser of The Amsterdam Applied Machine Learning meetup group and the Dutch Hadoop User Group and open source contributor.



• 18:00 Doors open
• 19:00 Instacognitive: Analize Instagram photo uploads in near real time
• 19:45 Second talk: Joy of Data and Overcoming the Kaggle Curse
• 20:30 Borrel / Networking

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