Senior PHP Developer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Requested skills and experience

  • 4+ years experience in PHP (web) landscape – Symfony, Drupal (big bonus Drupal 8), Composer, PEAR
  • Good Linux command line skills, shell scripting
  • Proficient in different data storage / caching solutions (SQL, NoSQL, memcached, Solr, Redis)
  • Concepts: queuing, pub/sub, design patterns
  • Load balancing, high availability, clustering
  • High performance experience, load testing, CDN, edge caching, middleware
  • Good communication skills
  • Experience creating elegant (REST) API’s using XHR, JSON(P)
  • Good understanding of the webstack. What happens between http request and the response.
  • Basic understanding of SSL, (S)FTP, DNS
  • Authentication, authorization, sessions, XSS, CORS
  • Experience building consumer facing web applications, SEO
  • Practical attitude towards getting things done. Code belongs on production and not on a development server.
  • Team player, who is used to working in a agile / scrum environment.
  • Experience with CI build servers, git
  • Fluent in English

What we offer

Work on cutting edge technology with steep learning curve’s. The water is warm but deep. Next to that you work on awesome projects with passionate colleagues. New technologies are a fresh breath of air for you, as is expanding your knowledge base. Your work will immediately be set in production – multiple times a day if possible – and viewed by our large base of news consumers. Market conform salary, and excellent secondary benefits, including MacBook, iPhone, newspaper on your doorstep, gym in the building. Last but not least table fusball, pingpong table and of course beers and bitterballs.

Gross Annual Income
45.000€ – 60.000€

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