Game Developers Showcase

Starfighter Inc.

Impeller Studios

Starfighter Inc. puts you in the cockpit of the future in a hard science-fiction based multiplayer space combat simulator. Featuring hardcore shooter gameplay in the spirit of X-Wing vs. TIE-Fighter, but with unprecedented depth and sophistication. Players operate a variety of nuclear-powered single and multi-crew fighters, reconnaissance ships, strike craft, and support ships. Weapons include lasers, railguns, and missiles, as well as electronic and cyber warfare capabilities.


Exit Limbo

Virtual Craft Studio

Exit limbo is a neo-retro side-scrolling beat ’em up with adventure elements, currently in production. You play as Mr. Rhino, a disturbed, tortured and furious anthropomorphic rhinoceros who finds himself catapulted into an alternative parallel of his home town on his way back from work. The disfigured city is now populated by his inner demons which manifest themselves in the form of bizarre undead creatures. With nothing but his work clothes on he is left with only his bare hands to tear through the hordes, brutally ripping off their limbs and body parts to utilize them as weapons whilst unlocking new moves which in turn unlock new areas to progress. Ultimately Mr.Rhino has to save a loved one and discover the origin of this madness, annihilating anything that gets in his way…that’s if he can preserve a shred of sanity before getting there!!


Ray Bibbia


A man with a troubled past, in search of his own answers in a wicked city ruled by an evil dystopian church, will cross paths with legions of devilish fiends on a battle fought exorcism after exorcism. Half bullet-hell, half typing-game, half hardcore. Totally hilarious.




THROW! (Working Title) is an action puzzler in the vein of platformers such as Super Mario 3D World and Wario Land 3… if not the fact that your character can’t jump! How are you supposed to move on, defeat the enemies on your way and put your greasy little hands on a shiny new treasure, you say? By throwing stuff around, of course! (I thought the name would make it clear…) Get aboard your flying ship and explore a plethora of quirky locations in search of loads of coins and shiny treasures. , either by yourself or with up to three crewmates! (Thus bringing the player count to four. How original.) The world will expand the more you explore, and the treasures you find will let you become stronger and open even more paths and gameplay possibilities.


Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the world


“Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the world” is a fun 2,5D platformer. Its graphic style is fresh and cartoony, resembling cartoon shows like ‘Adventure Time’. Despite being a small studio, we want to give Reggie a very profesional polish: Every new level brings with it new gimmicks and enemy types, so the game is far from repetitive and constantly fun. Another Reggie’s strengths lies on its rich storyline. After completing each level, players can watch a small cutscene of the humorous plot, in which Reggie travels through space and time to save the Universe from a strange blackhole suddenly appeared on 12th century. Last thing to mention is Reggie’s two players mode. In degoma we tried to come up with a system where both players can enjoy the game simultaneously, avoiding the most experimented one to frustrate the experience of the newbie.


Defend Your Friend


Defend Your Friend is a truly co-operative puzzle game. Both players are not just important, but vital – each with a unique role to fulfill. Through working together, combining their abilities and having each other’s back players make their way through carefully crafted puzzles inside an imposing ancient temple. Getting to understand the inner workings of the temple, and hopefully venturing off to freedom. With its accessible controls it is easy to pick up for new players, and is perfect for introducing people to gaming!



EpicHouse Studios

A girl wakes up with the ability to twist reality. In this 2D platformer, use her new powers in dynamic environments to fend off monsters, solve puzzles, make sandcastles, and destroy spacetime.


Don’t Make Love


Don’t Make Love is a PC game about a conversation of a praying mantis couple. Constantly torn between their mutual love and the instinct to have sex with its terrible consequences – the possible death of the male mantis -, they are now on the verge of making a decision. The player will be able to assume the role of either of the two lovers with the goal to keep their relationship in balance. Breaking up, staying together or having sex are all possible outcomes.


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