WOW! You’re in! That’s great!


We are very happy to have you as speaker at Codemotion Amsterdam 2017!
We hope you’ll enjoy being a speaker at our conference! :)

Spread the word!

Would you like to let the world know about your participation? Spread the word! Tweet the news and remember to mention our Twitter handle @Codemoamsterdam and the hashtag #codemotion.

Keep Tuesday night free!

We would love to have you as our guest on Tuesday, May 16th, for our special Codemotion Dinner: all speakers, sponsors and influencers are invited to attend. We hope you’ll join us for some good food, happy toasts and networking chats at this very cool party!

Some advice about your talk

Ok, now some serious points, bullet points to be precise:

  • The agenda could be subject to minor changes. In this case you will be contacted with the updated info.
  • Speaking of time, don’t forget your talk’s duration should include Q&A time. Please be considerate to the next speaker and keep to the scheduled time.
  • Codemotion audience can often be quite demanding, so we suggest enhancing a little your talk, just to satisfy them! 😉

In conclusion…

We will send you all the details you will need to be ready for this exciting edition of Codemotion: rooms equipments, the cover for your slides, information about your free passes to enter the conference and other organizational stuff… So please, be sure not to lose them! Double check your e-mail spam folder, just in case…

For any further information please contact us via e-mail at

Cheers, and again: Welcome to Codemotion!

Codemotion Team

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