The power of Connections


You live in an exponential era. It’s time to look with “new eyes” to the world around you and the empowerment you have to change and innovate our economy & society by rethinking and reprogramming legacy processes using the new building blocks the Internet-of-Everything will offer. The Internet must be made ready to handle trillions of new interactions between people, processes, data and things, whilst being intelligent, secure, open and programmable. You have the opportunity (or obligation?) to be involved. The world around screams for an update and needs developers to lead.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Hendrik Blokhuis

CTO - Cisco

From 1970, educated as programmer living my passion thru organisations like: Cisco (, STT ( , Compassion ( , ZOA ( ) , Stichting Present ( ) Fascinated by the power of connections between people, things, processes and data en the opportunity to give the world a serious update! ZX Spectrum Rules!

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