HTTP/2 in action


We've all heard about HTTP/2, but what's in it for us? Is it really that much better? How can we start using it? During this talk, we will explore HTTP/2's new features while creating our own web server, demonstrating new features like server push, multiplexing and header compression. At then end, we can proof how HTTP/2 benefits not only the end user, but developers and operations as well!

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Piet van Dongen

Senior Software Engineer - Luminis

I am an experienced and passionate full stack developer, always aiming to improve myself and those around me. I believe that the key to success in the software business lies in the sharing of knowledge, sources and solutions — we are all standing on the shoulders of giants. That's why I love to dive deep into new technologies and share my findings with an audience. The more we connect, the better we get.

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