Creating Art with a Raspberry Pi


Coding has opened up a channel for self-expression and experimentation that I never imagined possible. Inspired by a visit to an art museum, I created an interactive LED art project. This project started out as challenge to become better at writing javascript, but I found a new passion working with hardware despite a severe lack of technical knowledge. I’ll share my story of building with hardware for the first time and how I found ways to overcome my lack of skills and confidence, so that you’ll want to tackle your hardware project and won’t give up on it before you ever get started either.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Stephanie Nemeth

Frontend Developer - SpronQ

Stephanie is a frontend developer in Amsterdam. She is currently building cool stuff with JavaScript at SpronQ. She was a pharmaceutical chemist in a previous life, but now can’t imagine life not as a developer. She enjoys experimenting with hardware and LEDs to make beautiful, useless things.

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