The shape of the games industry seen from a developer's viewpoint


The games industry is a sprawling business with over $100bn turnover per year, but its audience spans genders, generations, and communities. How can we make sense of the diverse results of video game development? In this talk, Dr. Mata Haggis presents a model that allows both outsiders and developers to gain an overall understanding of the commonalities and differences in the areas of games development. Taking a view from the perspective of the developers themselves, this model creates a coherent picture of this exciting and innovative medium.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Mata Haggis

Founder - narrative and game design consultancy and training - Copper Stone Sea

Dr. Mata Haggis has over 15 years of experience in both video game design and writing for a broad range of entertainment media. He is an award winning game developer, writer, and acclaimed public speaker, as well as an academic researcher into game and narrative design. He creates games, consults/trains in narrative design as founder of Copper Stone Sea, and works as the Professor Of Creative And Entertainment Games at NHTV University in the Netherlands. He is a full member of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain and a member of their video game committee.

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