Applying “web scale” patterns in the back office


In this session we show you how we use “web scale” patterns to achieve scalability and flexibility in our back office software. We will guide you through how we apply patterns like CQRS, event sourcing, polyglot persistence and micro services to solve puzzles in our back office services. Interesting is that in our experience we don’t needs these just to solve technical problem. It helps us to solve some of our business problems!

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Peter Paul van de Beek

IT architect -

Peter Paul van de Beek is working as architect at together with several business and scrum teams. His functional focus is on Logistics, Inventory Management, Purchasing, and Order to Cash for Media Services. Before joining he has been consulting organizations in technology shifts. Peter Paul performed in roles like software developer, team lead, process engineer, coach and architect. He has an agile mind set. Main focus as architect has been on service orientation and integration projects. In all roles he stayed dedicated to delivering business value.

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