Designing for cross channel user experience


Users often don't complete an activity in one sitting or through a single channel. Sometimes users are interrupted, sometimes it is more appropriate to switch device, or they move from the digital world to the physical world (and vice versa) by choice or necessity. For these reasons, it's important to offer a seamless experience as users move from channel to channel to complete activities. This experience report will give practical advice for cross device design for users and the importance mobile technology plays in the role of seamless experiences.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Chrissy Welsh

Creative Lead & Director - Philips

Chrissy Welsh is the Creative Lead & Director for Philips, based in Amsterdam. She is interested in the potential of ‘bleeding edge’ technologies in user experience design to make products easy and pleasurable to use. She has over 10 years design experience and has worked with a variety of industries including software development, healthcare and education. Before Philips, Chrissy was the Lead & Principle UX for Backbase where she designed user experiences & apps for the financial sector.

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