The Most Important Thing


Steve Jobs used to always talk about the "most important thing," what he sometimes called the "high-order bit," the thing we should be working on, and thinking about, to the exclusion of others. What does it mean? How do we recognize it? Why is it important? What is our "most important thing," and what is the most important "most important thing"? This might sound trivial, but it’s not. This talk will be inspiring, but it will also be upsetting. Often the most important thing is not what we wish it was, and finding it can be like Armageddon, as your entire future is destroyed.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Mike Lee

Mayor - Appsterdam

Mike Lee is an American engineer living in Amsterdam. Like many people, he dreamed of finding a better life in technology. Mike was at the birth of mobile, and has worked on many interesting projects, even at Steve Jobs' Apple. Mike continues to code full-time while contributing to community projects such as AltConf and Appsterdam. You can find him on Twitter @bmf.

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