Developing and maintaining a Java GraphQL back-end: The less obvious


With a slew of benefits, GraphQL also introduces its own set of hurdles. With best practices yet to be discovered for many use-cases, careful consideration upfront is imperative. This talk aims to highlight issues less obvious at the beginning of a GraphQL-enabled project, with special focus on dealing with development and maintenance of a GraphQL schema. An approach leveraging dynamic schema generation is proposed in attempt to lower the effort needed to expose new or existing Java services while keeping the schema at all times in sync with the changes.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Bojan Tomic

Full-stack developer - ServiceNow

Bojan Tomic is an experienced Java developer with a healthy interest in modern approaches to old problems, be it in the form of programming paradigms (like functional-reactive), or innovative methods for creating APIs (like GraphQL). Finds immense pleasure in sampling craft beers, playing RPGs, both computer and table-top, and spending all his money on traveling (often off the beaten path).

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