From Doctor to Coder: A Whole New World?


Everyone who calls themselves a "coder" had to start somewhere. For some of us, that start was in an unrelated field. This talk brings you along on a young doctor's joyous journey from the wondrous world of medical academia into the terrifying territory of tech. We'll reflect on differences and similarities between the medical and technical worlds and the learning process after a career switch. We'll discuss practical insights in what makes tech learning unique and what might make it better, and "behind the scenes of tech" glimpses that left this newbie coder wishing for blissful ignorance.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Aisha Sie

MD/PhD, Information Analyst - Nictiz

Having built her career as an MD/PhD in clinical genetics, Aisha has since been focusing further on bridging the gap between the medical and technical worlds. She works as an information analyst at Nictiz, the Dutch expertise center for healthcare and IT, applying her passion to make healthcare better through innovation in IT. Aisha is a board member and co-organizer of DomCode, a cross-language user group that aims to bring web developers from all backgrounds together to learn. She's also a musician, gamer and cross-stitcher.

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