Relevant search results (with elasticsearch)


You want to give your site visitors the best user experience. To accomplish this, your visitors can search as well as browse your content. Search is only relevant when results are meaningful to the visitor. In this talk, Jettro will introduce you to the concepts like precision, recall and relevancy. Jettro uses Examples to show concepts in the context of search, autocomplete, suggestions and grouping of results. Used technologies are: Angular, Java and elasticsearch. After the presentation you'll have a good idea about the steps you need to take te present your visitors relevant results.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Jettro Coenradie

Fellow - Luminis

I am a Software Developer / Architect with a lot of hands on experience in Java, ReactJS, Elasticsearch and lots of others tools / frameworks. I like to use these technologies to help customers with their business challenges. I have experience with importing, transforming, presenting and learning from data. Currently I am working on improving the results of search engines using learning to rank and other relevance tuning techniques. I am involved with multiple open source projects, among them is the learning-to-rank plugin for elasticsearch.

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