Functional programming is not just lambdas!


Functional programming is a trending topic, especially in web development. People often try to explain its essence with too theoretical concepts (monads) or too superficial points of view (it's just lambda functions). I will help you understand and feel what it really is and why it matters in the real world. We will see fundamental functional programming concepts, and apply them with JavaScript to get better code. Writing good code means spending less time to fix bugs or add features!

Language: English

Level: Beginner

David Sferruzza

Head of Research and Development - Startup Palace

Young generalist engineer graduate from Icam de Nantes, I am fond of new technologies, IT, and software development. I am currently in charge of R&D at Startup Palace and preparing a PhD in software engineering. These days, I enjoy spending some time learning functional programming and developing professional and personal projects in Scala, Haskell and Nix. I would like to keep meeting nice people around those subjects, and discover new sources of blossoming!

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