Beyond Fault Tolerance: achieve Resilience with Actor programming


The Actor model has been around for a while, but only the Reactive revolution is bringing it to trend. Find out how your application can benefit from Actors to achieve Resilience - the ability to spring back into shape from a failure state. Akka is a toolkit that brings Actors to the JVM - think Java or Scala - and that leverages on them to help you build concurrent, distributed and resilient applications.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Fabio Tiriticco

Owner - Fabway

Reactive Developer & Architect in Amsterdam, I am in love with anything reactive & streaming, especially if built with Scala, Akka and the rest of their wonderful ecosystem. I love to help communities grow and I founded myself the Reactive Amsterdam meetup which has been very successful over the last couple of years, with great numbers and sponsors. My biggest passion beside tech is bicycle touring - the biggest adventure so far cycling from Amsterdam to Rome, my home town. Oh, I run a meetup about that too!

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