We live in a world of rich client side applications and we need a secure way to authenticate our users. Session IDs are the traditional solution, but how well do they work for modern applications? You can't leave your credentials in the client, there's always someone malicious just waiting to steal them. Enter the JWT. These fancy little tokens can authenticate our users and our transactions because they know what they're allowed to do. We'll take a look at what JWTs can be used for, why to choose JWTs, how to generate them, and most importantly how to keep them.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Phil Nash

Developer Evangelist - Twilio

Phil is a developer evangelist for Twilio serving developer communities in London and all over Europe. He is a lover of all things front end, a Ruby and JavaScript developer and, more recently, an amateur brewer. APIs old and new, browsers and REST, fuel his passion for development. You should have seen how delighted he was the first time he played with the WebAudio API! Phil loves test coverage, great beer, hackathons, and libraries with puns in their names. Get all four together for maximum points.

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